Start your business & build your brand in China
Get it right the first time with Deepharma's
longstanding network, rich experience
and professional teams

With over 12 years experience of import and export, managing international
business, brands and products in China, we provide tailored solutions to
help you navigate China's diversely online and offline marketing landscapes,
facilitate a range of comprehensive multi-platform eCommerce solutions
across major platforms and eRetailers , and offer product registration,
warehousing and traditional B2B distribution for registered products in China




For brands we believe in, we will share risk and co-invest for entry into China through
a range of collaborative options. Adventures are best shared, so we don't simply
distribute at arm's length. We partner closely with brands, we dive in, and work shoulder to shoulder with our partners to help solve problems, imagine, create
and expand new and existing markets within China.

We believe in capitalism with a moral center and our passion is to help excellent
brands create channels to grow in China. We believe that commerce can change
lives for the better and our goals is to give Chinese consumers clear, fast and
easy access to the world's best cosmetics, sportswear and healthcare products.

We create business not just ideas, partnerships, not just consulting. We help you to
re-image and implement how your company can market and deliver products to the
largest, fastest growing and most dynamic market in the world. We offer strategies
and selling channels to targeted consumers through online and offline platforms.  We
access these channels through existing relationships and networks of e-commerce
platforms, distributor, direct selling, franchise and regular retail businesses.











What We do

We handle marketing translations, logistics, warehousing, trade regulation, eComerce platform marketing, cross-border pricing and general B2B trade
to provide you with a comprehensive full channel brand launch and sales
for your expansion strategy.

We strategize, create and execute, knowledgeable and disruptive, sales, marketing and brand building business, in cosmetics, sportswear and healthcare products with a proven track record of success of many international reputable brands
What we do
We create business not just ideas, partnerships, not just consulting. We help you to re-image and then implement how your company can market and deliver products to the largest, fastest growing and most dynamic consumer market
We facilitate a range of comprehensive eCommerce solutions across major platforms and eRetailers, and offer traditional B2B distribution for  imported products in China, with tailored solutions to help you navigate China's diversely marketing landscapes
We offer selling channels to targeted consumers through existing relationships and networks through online and offline platforms. We help to disrupt, define & create markets for brands, which makes new centers of growth and competitive advantage
Hangzhou Winsho Sports Co., Ltd.

Winsho Sports Group, is specialized in importing, marketing and distributing of high-end imported sportswear, Yoga, outdoor activities,
fitness  brands, aiming to provide the most professional, high-quality and healthy sports and Yoga products to Chinese customers.

Shanghai Makeupster Brand Management Co., Ltd.

MBM is a leading cosmetics brand representation and distribuion company, through our extensive online and offline channels, we maximise
your chances of achieving commercial success and building a well-know brand in China, while meet short-term targets. We carry and
distribute famous international brands like Max factor, Bioderma, freeplus, sleek and Salvatore Ferragamo etc.

Hangzhou Linuo E-commerce Co., Ltd.

Linuo E-commence, established in 2010, a third party E-commerce service provider, more than seven years focusing on providing
E-commerce store building, store operation, digital marketing and E-commerce strategy consultency service to brands, a well-known and
reputable company in the industry.  Newly acquired by Deepharma Group, which further expand the capacity of the E-commerce of us.

Laurel Brand Management (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd.

Laurel Brand Management is not just a TP or consulting or service company, we are a brand building and resources integration company.
Being partner of the brand, we share risks and profits, grow together with brand. Our core advantages are consolidating and sharing
worldwide resources to develop sales network and build brand in China, while meet short-term target.

Our Subsidiaries

Currently Deepharma Group has four subsidiaries, responsible for different categories of business.

Business Scope


Focus on the import of cosmetics, sportswear and healthcare products worldwide. Working with more than 70 brands currently.



We have logistics center in Hongkong, Shanghai and Hangzhou, provide brands with comprehesive logistics solution for China market.


Regulatory Affairs

We use our expetise and profession to help our partner register, customs clearance  and launch the products in China with time & cost effectively.


Trademark & IP

We cooperate with reputable IP agents in China, provide full trademark and IP solution for the brands, protect brand rights in advance before business started



We have extensive B2C and B2C channels, social media and data base, and work with major platforms, help the brands reach the targeted customers accurately.


Wholesale & Retail

We also have brick and motar stores, including cosmetics shop, Yoga studio, fittness center and sportswear retailers, engage in general trade, B2B and distribution.



We carry brands exclusively or distribute, wholesale and retail, flexible in cooperation model, help build the brands and increase sales in short-term.



We represent brands, help to connect the resources and channels, deal with regulatory affairs, find best partner for the brand through our extensive channels.







Deepharma Group Ltd.



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